Connection Problem

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Connection Problem

Postby rtwhite » Fri Mar 02, 2001 1:35 pm

Can anyone tell me how to connect to the broadcast under the new setup?
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Re: Connection Problem

Postby Mike » Fri Mar 02, 2001 2:13 pm

Are you a Mac user?<P>If so, it seems that Macintosh users may no longer be able to link to the audio stream because of the recent changes made to that now makes it incompatible with Macintosh.
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Re: Connection Problem

Postby CLarsen » Sat Mar 03, 2001 12:06 am

Unfortunately we have encountered some problems with Macintosh compatibility and we are working with our streaming partners to come up with a solution as quickly as possible.<P>For PC users, we recommend visiting Microsoft's <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> to download the latest security updates and multimedia tool updates for your Operating System. Our webmaster has also posted an updated FAQ at our <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>Help</A> section for more information. <P>Sincerely,<BR>Chris Larsen<BR>Assistant Engineer<BR>
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Re: Connection Problem

Postby Kevin » Tue Mar 06, 2001 9:59 am

About the Macintosh issue:<P>The issue is one of licensing. Apple and Microsoft have not been able to come to a licensing agreement to this point to allow Mac users to view an "embedded" player. Unfortunately for us, the only way we can make ourselves attractive to advertisers is to use an embedded player that they can use to senf visual Flash-based advertisements. Until either they work ouot this licensing or we find an alternative for our Mac friends, this will be a problem.<P>Mac users are important to us at and we are trying to explore options for them. We simply have to find a way to do it that won't put ourselves in financial distress that would threaten our existence as a whole. We will try our level best. You have my word on that!<P>Kevin Shively<BR>Director of Business Development<BR>
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