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Mood Music

Postby hornplayer » Fri Mar 23, 2001 11:17 am

I suprised myself with the sudden burst of creativity that making this topic required...anyway, if you had to pick a piece that would best exemplify each emotion, what would it be? There are many, I know, but the big ones would probably be happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, etc...then there are some spin-offs of these, like mournful, deep depression, extreme pleasure, etc. There are many times, if not all the time, when I pick what to listen to based on my moods...even my parents have gotten used to hearing the Classical Thunder CDs after they yell at me (usu. for no valid reason, of course).<P>Just curious.
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Re: Mood Music

Postby EJA_2 » Fri Mar 23, 2001 12:55 pm

Well, for sadness I would have to say Solveg's song from Grieg's Peer Gynt Sweet. Actually, pathos might be a better word. <P>Barber's Adagio for Strings has a mournful and sad quality. I guess what is sad about it to me is on the one hand how close to perfection it comes, and on the other hand how far away perfection remains. <P>Vagner's Ride of the Valkries and Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King are a couple of pieces I associate with anxiety. This may not be altogether a correct assoiciation, but it's mine. <P>Grofe's On the Trail portrays a simple kind of happiness for me. <P>I associate Gluck's Dance of the Blessed Spirits with placidity and contentment. <P>Mars from Holst's planets brings anger to mind. <P>Brahm's symphonies in general seem to fall in step with a mental state of depression, though I wouldn't say that is the only tone they could elicit. <P>For happiness, well nothing particular comes to mind, but Bach and Handel in general do. I guess maybe when your happy you don't need music as much. <P>That's about all I can think of for now.<P> -- EJA<BR>
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Re: Mood Music

Postby BenG » Fri Mar 23, 2001 2:37 pm

Noble grandeur<BR>Beethoven/Piano Concerto No. 5<P>Happiness<BR>Schumann/Piano Concerto<P>Monumental forcefulness and power<BR>Khatchaturian/Symphony No. 2<P>Romantic love<BR>Opening of Liszt's Piano Concerto No. 2<BR>Rachmaninoff/Piano Concerto No. 2<P>Sad gladness<BR>Tchaikovsky/Symphony No. 5 (andante cantabile)<P>Guilt/lust (in perfect balance!)<BR>Tchaikovsky/Francesca Da Rimini<P>Hopelessness<BR>Tchaikovsky/Symphony No. 6 (last movement)<P>Anxiety and existential angst<BR>Stravinsky/Rite of Spring<P>Determination<BR>Brahms/Piano Concerto No. 1<P>Insight<BR>R. Strauss/Also Sprach Zarathrustra<P>Wonder<BR>Ravel/Daphnis & Chloe Suite No. 2<P>Anger<BR>Holst/Planets (Mars)<P>Jealousy<BR>Berlioz/Symphony Fantastique<P>Playfulness<BR>Rossini/Barber of Seville
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Re: Mood Music

Postby ~Leslie » Fri Mar 23, 2001 11:40 pm

Hornplayer, this is such a loaded<BR>question. <P>All good music has emotion, and the creative possibilities are infinite, with many<BR>shades and personal interpretations falling <BR>on the listener.<P>Some added choices to Ben's:<P> Debussy-Reverie<P> Beethoven - Eroica Funeral March - grief and mourning <P> the ninth - universality brotherhood<P> Mozart - Concerto for flute & harp in C<BR> grace and beauty<P> Smetana - the Moldau - feeling of flowing like water<P> Chopin's fantasy Impromptu - being in love<P> There are many more! Those are just off the top. ~<P> <BR><p>[This message has been edited by ~Leslie (edited 03-24-2001).]
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