Best Composer Biography ?

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Best Composer Biography ?

Postby Adagio Appassionato » Thu Dec 28, 2000 1:37 pm

If I may, I am wondering, what is everyone's favorite composer biography?<BR> I have personally enjoyed Maynard Solomon's bios. on BEETHOVEN and MOZART.But,I am having the toughest time finding up-to-date & mostly unbiased biographies on MENDELSSOHN & D'VORAK.Any info. or opinions would be greatly appreciated.<BR>
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Re: Best Composer Biography ?

Postby Nicole Marie » Thu Dec 28, 2000 1:54 pm

I konw this is not what you are asking for but if any one is interested in fun and side splitting facts on composers...check out a book called "Bach, Beethoven and the Boys"<P>I die laughing every time I read it!
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Re: Best Composer Biography ?

Postby serge urtizberea » Mon Jan 01, 2001 9:45 pm

Solomon's Beethoven is to me the greatest treatise yet written on the human state of Ludwig. I get the most profound sense of 'person' when I read it.<P>But I must not forget the Beethoven-Haus bicentennial edition biography published 30 yrs. ago. What a sweet book. Hard to come by, I think...<P>Sorry we turned this into yet another Beethoven thread. Image
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