Where do you think Iraq is?

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Re: Where do you think Iraq is?

Postby monkeymd2b » Mon Nov 25, 2002 10:53 pm

Like, Eugene, I too have a pretty good grasp of geography (also a former geography bee champ and it was one of my minors - no time to double major and have fun in college :p ) and while I had no trouble picturing the geography of that area I honestly couldn't tell you anything about the political crap going on there except that they have weapons of mass destruction and our government doesn't like it one bit. Sadly I exhaust my precious brain cells learning stuff for medical school and when I do watch tv, I like to watch stuff that requires little thinking on my part as I already have stored excess random trivia that prevents me from storing the stuff I need for my career. Though I wish there was some sort of "Middle East Politics and the US government's stance for Dummies"...but I guess that's the same thing as watching my local tv newschannels report on the subject. You know, the US has tons of the same weapons and probably more sophisticated weaponry on top of that yet no one at the UN seems to be interested in inspecting our plants. But then again, I guess since this country usually only retaliates and never instigates (except when trying to steal land from others), that explains the lack of concern over the firepower we punch.
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