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Postby monkeymd2b » Mon Oct 30, 2006 12:21 am

Well, I spent my vacation painting 6 rooms in my house. It took longer than I thought and cost more than that I hoped but it's done and I'm beat.

On the other hand, I'm now super excited because the new macbook pros are out. And I can also get a new printer for $100 cheaper since they have a special rebate out on the printer I want. I guess now would be the time to get it since I can slowly work on moving all my files to the new computer in time for my christmas vacation (yippee! I get to have vacation at christmas this year and go home! Last year was rough...emotionally speaking; and physically since I was sick with a stupid virus). Not sure what I'll do with the old computer. I really have no need for 2 computers. I was thinking of maybe giving it to my cousin Casey. He's in high school right now. His dad (aka my uncle) has colon cancer (he's only 46) and just had an 8 hour surgery to resect the tumor. They started out with the laparoscope but had to convert to open. He also has an ostomy for now. Casey has been going to my parents house to use our computer and internet access for school work. While I can't give him internet access at his house, it would be nice for him to have a laptop to do his work at home then take to our house when he needs to use the internet (my bro set up a wireless router when he was home one christmas and didn't dismantle it when he left). I think the computer Casey has at home is a really old imac. Otay, time to do some relaxing. I have my first ER shift tomorrow. Only god knows who will come in for care.
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