KMFA Austin

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KMFA Austin

Postby Emster » Fri Jan 26, 2001 1:00 pm

I listen to because KMFA here in Austin is such a disappointment. Very seldom do they play recognizeable works and their signal is very weak. For all of you "purists" out there, this station is for you. As they are a non-profit and rely on member pledges, they might consider lightening up a bit and playing works that people know.
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Re: KMFA Austin

Postby Carolina Classics Fan » Fri Jan 26, 2001 4:06 pm

I live in range of two public radio stations, WACG and WJLK, Augusta and Aiken respectively. Combined they play six hours of classics between 6am and 8pm. The rest is interminable talk. Bless
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