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Re: Howard Stern

Postby Brodie » Wed Oct 02, 2002 9:34 pm

I did put Slaughterhouse "Nine" didn't I? Its kind of sad, that is a book written by one of my favorite authors and I can't even remember the title (ah hell it was late at night, but to top it off I had just finished reading Harrison Bergeron, and if you have no idea what that is...its a satire written by Kurt Vonnegut...see thats the same author and its fairly ironic and might have even been funny had I not gone into this explanation, as if it mattered anyway...)<P>I don't know human nature eh? How are you to say? I would think such an example as I presented would be perfect. Showing that people don't really know what happens in war. Or if you'll even come out alive for that matter. A person doesn't know if he will come out a hero or a useless slab of meat with a brain in it that thinks. And if more people knew that than there would be less and less people signing up to join the military. Right?<P>Would you go fight if you knew that you would end up coma toast or even worse in a state of conciousness but without the needed prefernces to get what you want to say across (sounds like my life as of late)?<P>As for a plan, umm don't know much of what you're trying to convey with that thought. As if arguing, debating, call it what you want, is a battle and the only way to win is to plan for what you expect is going to happen. Maybe that's it. Probably not though.<P>6 million's a lot. 60 million's more...<P><BR>-Brodie
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