How to pronounce "Ayn"

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How to pronounce "Ayn"

Postby Giant Communist Robot » Wed Feb 21, 2007 6:32 pm

This came up before and I could only give Wiki and my memory of some TV interview as evidence--both of which are weak. Here is this:

Excerpted from a letter to a fan, 1937:
"Your letter inquiring about the origin of my name has been forwarded to me. In answer to your question, I must say that 'Ayn' is both a real name and an invention. The original of it is a Finnish feminine name. . . . Its pronunciation, spelled phonetically, would be: 'I-na.' I do not know what its correct spelling should be in English, but I chose to make it 'Ayn,' eliminating the final 'a.' I pronounce it as the letter 'I' with an 'n' added to it." Letters of Ayn Rand, page 40

from the site
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