Erkki Aaltonen Violin and Piano Concerti

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Erkki Aaltonen Violin and Piano Concerti

Postby engemann » Sun Jan 06, 2002 4:06 pm

Erkki Aaltonen, a 20th Century Finnish composer, composed two piano concerti (1948, 1954) and one violin concerto (1966). Does anyone know whether these were recorded, and if so, when and on what labels?<P>Thanks,<BR>Joe
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Re: Erkki Aaltonen Violin and Piano Concerti

Postby shostakovich » Tue Jan 08, 2002 4:47 pm

I have some Finnish records. The labels are Finlandia and Finnlevy. I think I've also seen Finnadar. My only exposure to Aaltonen was on radio, but I'd be willing to bet the works were from Finnish recordings. Whatever the Finnish CD companies call themselves, the names probably start Fin--. Good luck. <BR>Shos
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