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Postby Sparky » Wed Feb 07, 2001 11:15 am

What's with your Florida cameras? The poor workman in the center frame has been carrying that same carton for nearly a week now, and hasn't moved. ???
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Re: cameras

Postby Nicole Marie » Wed Feb 07, 2001 11:19 am

The camera needs some work. It's stuck for some reason. It'll chnage soon promise!
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Re: cameras

Postby Joe Cassara » Wed Feb 07, 2001 7:25 pm

Hello!<P>As you've seen over the past few days, Beethoven Radio in Coral Gables keeps growing and growing. Construction, coupled with moving equipment here and there, has rendered the camera frozen until later this week. When the images return -- boy, will you be surprised what you see!<P>Joe Cassara<BR>
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