Probably Impossible E-mail Request

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Probably Impossible E-mail Request

Postby EJA » Thu Aug 21, 2003 4:34 pm

I have a functionality request concerning Beethoven web e-mail that I recognize may not be terribly feasible. The problem is this: the new spam filter works very well – I'm very pleased with it – but in order to forward messages to I have to open them. Now, there are certain messages that I know better than to open, so I delete them rather than forwarding them to the spam address, and I suppose this is the case with other people. The net effect (sorry, Selma) is that now only the most eggregious and disgusting e-mails end up in my inbox, along with those that I really do want to receive. Those in the spam folder aren't nearly as bad. If there was a way in the web client to check a box next to all those messages and then forward them to the spam account, I would be very grateful. This would also save much time versus having to individually open messages and then forward them. I know that the web client is canned software, and that this request may not be possible to fulfill, but I thought I would ask nonetheless. Thanks in advance for the consideration that I know the Beethoven technical staff will give to this request.

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Re: Probably Impossible E-mail Request

Postby barfle » Fri Aug 22, 2003 8:29 am

It's true that in order to forward an email to, you must first open the email. However, it is easy to move a message from the inbox to the spam box from the web-based email index screen. Simply check the spam messages, then at the bottom of the screen you'll find a pull-down selection for what box you want to move the message to. Select "spam" and click the "move to" and it's gone.

I know that the Yahoo email program includes a way to tell the email filter that a message is spam without opening the message, and it seems to work quite well. Kevin and staff, if you are interested in wish lists, that feature is on mine as well.

But I still think beethoven email is one heck of a bargain - it's the personal account I use most!
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