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Music Library Software

Postby toyfj60 » Sun Jun 27, 2004 5:03 am

I've been tuning into for a few months and appreciate the internet-access. My CD collection is only some 200 Titles, about half are Classical. I became interested in using a FreeDB/CDDB "player" software to gather my Title/Song lists into a DataBase. I looked at a few and selected "CDmax" as being Win98/FreeWare/Basic for my interests. It has a simple 'text export' format that I can use to print the information. There is no Report Control that permits grouping-by-genre or other options.

Does anyone use a Win98/FreeWare/FreeDB program that has some basic Report-Control ?? Thanks.
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Re: Music Library Software

Postby bernieb » Sun Jun 27, 2004 11:01 am

I recommend iTunes from Apple--it's free. It will permit you to create "smart" playlists based on a combination of attributes, including genre. The playlist can then be exported as a text report or burned to a cd.
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Re: Music Library Software

Postby rwcrooks » Sun Jun 27, 2004 7:58 pm

CD Trustee is fantastic.

It has some nice reports and can load CDs into the database as fast as you can swap them in and out of your CD Drive.
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